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Vidmate Video Downloader HD App – Download Apk for Android

Watching movies and amazing videos would be amazing and interesting which entertains the user whenever they are in depressing or moddy situation. Sometimes the user may not having an internet connection all the time to watch the stress-busting videos online. YouTube is one of the most popular platforms where they can watch their favorite videos online. Sad part is that we don’t find an option to download videos from YouTube directly onto our device. There is an alternative to watch videos offline if the user does not have an internet connection. Here is an amazing application which is known as Vidmate App APK that allows the user to download their desired videos directly into their Android smartphone.

Vidmate is one of the best known applications that is currently available for downloading the songs and videos from the internet and online services like Vimeo, Dailymotion, YouTube , Instagram, Funny or Die, Vine, Tumblr, Soundcloud, Metacafe, and tons of some other multimedia web potals. With this great app, the user get to download the video from any video site. The app is fully compatible with popular video and music streaming sites. It also has the ability to manage several downloads concurrently eventually towards the valuable time.

Vidmate Apk Download – Video Downloader App:

It is an Android app that also helps the user to download any video in different format and video qualities. One of the best available features of Vidmate app is that the user can download videos in the High Digital quality. If anyone is looking for the best app that lets them to download their desired and interesting stuff, just download the Vidmate app on their android device.

On most video websites this app lets the user to choose the quality they want to view and download videos in, including HD formatting and other lower quality settings options that take up much less space on the memory. That way, all the videos the user download will perfectly fit onto their virtual library, organized by download date. In case if they want to download music, all they need to do is search for any video among over around twenty different platforms that are already set by default, and the app will automatically save video and audio tracks.

Among the options for Vidmate, the user will also get to add secondary video portals that does not appear on its main user interface. There are over twenty different options available that the user won’t need to use any other search engine to find.

Vidmate also includes access to downloading apps and games on Android right from within the app. If the user wants to update them, all they need to do is to go for other software tools like Google Play to update all the apps and find out new options for Vidmate.

If any user is busy with some other work, they can simply pause the video which is in the downloading process. Now whenever a user is free, they can resume the video from that point where the video is paused. This is the advanced and the more efficient feature of Vidmate Android app.

The app is compatible with all Android operating system versions starting from Android 2.2 and higher.

The user can do multi-tasking using this app. They can do their work on the device while on the other hand  the video will be downloaded on to their android device.

Vidmate HD Video downloader app supports multiple video formats such as FLV, AVI, WMV, 3GP, MPEG MP4 and many more.They can even watch their preferred videos, songs, TV shows and movies without any interruption.

Steps to Download Vidmate Apk for Android Device:

  • Download Vidmate Apk
  • Once downloaded the Vidmate app on their PC, simply click the finish option and needs to connect their smart phone to the computer through the USB cable.
  • Copy the Vidmate.apk file which is on your computer to your Android phone.
  • Now the user can see the Vidmate.apk file on their Android device. Now, they can begin the installation process using that file on the Android device.
  • Now, Launch the Vidmate app video downloader on the android phone.
  • Now the user can use this app on their Android device and begin downloading with their favorite chosen HD videos for free of cost.

How to download a video:

  • Firstly the user needs to open the video they want to download on the app. They can either use the app for it or can simply visit the URL and browse from the Internet for it.
  • Press the round button which is given on the bottom right corner.
  • They can now choose whichever video configuration they want. The size of the files will be shown in front of each.
  • Press Download and now they have done.

How to check your download status:

  • Once the downloading has been started, the user will get a notification in the device notification tray.
  • This notification usually shows the percentage of the video downloaded, speed of the download and the size of the file..
  • But if the download has been paused or terminated, they can still resume it in the app.
  • Click the download icon given on the top right corner and go to Downloading.
  • They can also check the downloaded videos in the next tab named “Downloaded”.

How to play the downloaded content:

  • The user can do this by simply going through their device video player app within the app.
  • If not, open the vidmate app. Click on the Download button which is given on the top right corner of the app and go to Downloaded files.
  • Tap any video they want to play.
  • Choose a suitable player of their choice from the list that comes forward.
  • Now, the video will begin to run perfectly.

Steps to save the videos privately which the user have downloaded:

  • The saved videos are really very easy to find normally. Anyone can simply just click on the videos folder and watch it.
  • If the user want to save them privately, Vidmate also provides the user to protect their apps too.
  • Once a video is downloaded, go to the download menu.
  • Click files that should see “Private Space” as an option in there.
  • Click it. Set up a password. Make sure to note it down somewhere let you forget it.
  • Select the files you want to hide.
  • The app will guide you on the rest. That is all there is to it!

Vidmate for BlackBerry:

Vidmate for Blackberry is a lovely option for those Blackberry device users who loves to get their video available and to watch that offline. Even though the app is primarily designed for Android OS but still the user should be able to get the app to work on their Blackberry device.

To run Vidmate on the Blackberry, simply follow these steps:

  • Download Vidmate APK from the internet.
  • Open the Downloads manager and locate the apk file.
  • Now the user can also use a third party app if they have one, since that can make the search easier.
  • Click the apk file to run it.
  • Go through the permissions listed of the app.
  • Press “Install” if you are OK with the permissions requested.
  • Your app should be up and running in no time. Have fun!

Vidmate Video Downloader App Free:

The developer of the Vidmate application has termed this app as the “Fastest downloader of HD Videos”.

About Vidmate Live TV, it works absolutely very sharp and fine. It is almost identical to ShowBox and helps the user to watch their favorite TV shows on the go. It also gives the user the option to download movies and watch Live TV simultaneously.

Well, there are many video downloaders application in the market, but the world is crazy for this app because the reason is simple. It is the best one app in the market and has got amazing features and specifications which none other app has been able to beat till now! The user can watch their latest movies and TV programs easily with this application on their android device, iOS smartphone or even on their Computer. Yes, it is possible to watch Vidmate movies on the PC too.


  • The user can download multiple videos at once.
  • The user can also download movies in different kind of formats.
  • The user can download Videos from the Youtube, Vimeo and DailyMotion with just a single click.
  • Watch Live TV without any Buffering.
  • The user can download the latest Hollywood movies in High Definition.
  • Vidmate is an all in one entertainment application for its users. It’s one tap instant download feature sets it different from another type of video downloading apps.
  • The users can use the app even on their 2G or 3G internet network connection.
  • It’s amazing user interface is the plus point to gain users.
  • The Vidmate video app downloader does not even charge a single penny! Yes, it is free of cost for its users.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is there a “Save for Later” feature available on the app?

No, this feature is not in the app for now. You can either watch it right then or download it for the later. But what do you do if you don’t want to watch it right that moment and cannot download it either? Simple; go to the page of the movie on the app and press the button which is heart shaped. This will add the content to your “Favorites” which you can access later too.

2. How do I access my downloaded content?

To access the downloaded content the user can simply tap on the download symbol which is merely placed on the upper right corner. It will take the user to the active downloads. The user can also check the finished downloads through the same menu. To play the content, choose a suitable media player on the device. Or go ahead and download a new player off of the app section. The user can also play music right in the app’s inbuilt player. Some even prefer it over their device song players.

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